Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walked & Sweaty. Check.

Me and Skully walked along the river trail this morning for a while, talking and sweating. We are both what you'd call enthusiastic sweat-ers. We walk and yak and complain and sweat with abandon. Then we pause under the highway for a drink (of water) and then we walk back. I let my poison-tree-frog-kite out of the trunk for a few minutes but the wind was too intermittent for it to really fly well so I put it away. On the 3rd of September we're going to a kite festival in Two Rivers (Cookie's coming too) mostly to watch the pros fly kites and gawk around, but I want to fly mine a bit too. We talked about how the weather's getting more favorable for us to do a little geocaching soon, how we want to bag a few finds before the snow flies again. This afternoon Durwood and I are meeting our attorney to get our wills and powers-of-attorney papers all hammered out. I suggest you be nice to us if you want to be considered for a bequest. Not that we've got a lot to bequeath but you don't want to miss out on the fun once we're worm food. We have some cool stuff, not a lot but some.

August 22--Joseph Mallord William Turner, View of London from Greenwich.

You ever been to London?
It's like a real place,
you know.
Actual English people all over
with accents and everything.
Ann spent a semester near there.
I visited.
We rode the Tube,
a double-decker bus,
saw Big Ben,
the Tower of London,
Shakespeare's Globe Theater.
The British Museum is free.
That week with my daughter was

Time to go to the bank and the birdseed store. Adios!

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