Thursday, August 11, 2011

On A Treadmill

Not really, but that's the way I'm feeling lately, with too much going on and no down time. It's my own fault, of course, I could say no to things or not do things but do I? No. The WW Points Plus cookbook that I ordered from Amazon came yesterday and I have to say I could start cooking at the beginning and eat my way to the end. I only went through the Starters and Light Meals section and already I want to make nearly all of the recipes. There's even a recipe for Lobster Summer Rolls, Aunt B! Durwood doesn't think those kind of things make meals but I sure do. A lot of them have grilled or roasted veggies in them and in all sorts of combos with cheese and meats and fish. Too yummy to not gobble up. I especially want to make the Spinach stuffed Portobellos, they sound To-Die-For. Tomorrow I have walking and knitting; in them between I have to, HAVE TO, write up those interviews even if it means I have to chain myself to my desk, because Saturday I'm going to a Sew-In with friends and Sunday is the dive shop's Corn Roast. Can't miss a chance to dive and eat grilled corn dipped in melted butter now can I? Besides it'd be rude and ungrateful to my employer. Man, it sure is a sore left knee day. I woke up with it aching, 10 minutes of Wii Step Aerobics didn't help, and neither is filling and moving tanks or sitting at the computer typing. I just took an Aleve, let's see how that does. Sorry my thoughts are so scattered today.

August 10--Felix Aubert, Iris D'Eau.

In early summer
they rise,
riding a green spear
out of the fan of leaves,
tightly furled,
just a hint of color,
until they fling out petals--
purple, yellow, salmon, bronze,
like flags
proud in the summer day.

I thought about my Grandma Angermeier when I saw last night's picture and how she loved her purple flags which is what she called iris. Some days I miss her peaceful company, but I don't miss the "hulling butterbeans" blisters.

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Aunt B said...

Let me know how those Lobster Summer Rolls turn out! Sorry you aren't going to be able to take your trip out west. But glad that he's getting better.