Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Work Day #2--Now With 100% Humidity!

And a thunderstorm as a chaser. The whole day's supposed to be stormy which suits me just fine and then the air behind the front is supposed to be cooler and drier, which will be good because Cookie and I are planning to go to the City Band concert tomorrow after work. It's Jazz & Swing night, who wouldn't want to go? It has been so humid these past few days I've been glad to have things to do indoors. Even with the A/C cranked it felt warm in here, even in the basement. You know when Durwood takes his shirt off it's warm in here. He's usually shivering. I'm still researching ways to clone myself 4 times so I can do all that I want to do all at once. I want one to go to work (so the paychecks keep coming), one to sleep (because my "happy" pill makes me drowsy all day), one to knit (because my stash keeps growing, slowly it's true, but it's still getting bigger instead of smaller), one to sew (I have 2 more skirts cut out, an apron for a certain DIL, and a basket of fat quarters), and one to build things (don't want to forget my newly learned woodworking skills!). Although I am thinking that might be too much of a good thing for poor Durwood. Good thing there's a very slim possibility that I'd succeed. Last night's prompt picture was a real difficult one. It's two, a white one and a red one, chadri or burkhas from Afghanistan. I can't wrap my mind around a culture that forces women into such smothering clothes. I finally wrote a poem trying to figure it out.

August 1--Afghanistan, Chadri.

Is there a person in there?
A woman?
Layers of fabric
distort her form
making her shapeless,
a walking space
where she might
be, reduced to an intimation
of humanity.

The whole idea of that horrifies me and to see it as an art exhibit makes me cringe. We need freedom, baby!

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