Sunday, August 14, 2011


Today was the dive shop's annual Corn Roast. We had to dive at an alternate site and it was a little rough. On the way in to shore we got shoved onto the rocks of the breakwater. That's where i think I lost one of my weight pockets. Mrs. Boss and I snorkeled back out but didn't find it. Ah, well. C'est la vie. I'll call the company tomorrow, maybe they'll have a replacement. It was a pretty good dive though; there were a lot of nice-sized white bass following us. We had a newbie dad & son buddy team with us, they did great and had fun. After the dive we all went back to a little park for roasted corn and a picnic. Lots of good eats and good company. It was totally great to have Durwood come along even if he can't dive anymore. Just like the old days.

August 13--Egypt, Bowl with Human Feet. Eve looked at the small red bowl in the exhibit case and decided that she had just found the design for her next line. Someone nearly, um, five centuries ago had a sense of humor. The little red berry bowl had a pair of feet for a base. Eve saw the whole line in a flash, the arm bent at the elbow, fingers spread on a hip for a mug handle, feet posed every which way supporting bowls of all sizes, pursed lips as the spout of a teapot. Everyone would want dishes with a sense of humor, right? She thought she'd be okay as long as she didn't let things get creepy--and no hairy knuckles.

Oh, mercy, I'm tired. Being outside all day is tiring. I made an outstanding farro (wheat berry) salad for us to eat on the way up the peninsula, even Durwood liked it and that's saying something.

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