Thursday, August 4, 2011

Work Day #4--I Can See Light At The End of This Tunnel

And it's not a train, I know this for sure. Cookie and I really enjoyed the City Band concert last night. We got to the park around 5:30 with sandwiches for supper and knitted after we ate. The concert was at 7:30 and was worth the long sit. They played In The Mood and Take the A Train, songs that had us tapping our feet and singing the chorus. I could listen to that music every night, the band'd probably get bored, but I'd really like it. Tomorrow's Durwood's 72nd birthday. He's planning to get up and go to Denny's for his free birthday breakfast and we're going to Tony Roma's for supper so he can have his free birthday ribs. You know you're getting up there when your big birthday treat is breakfast at Denny's. I really need to find time to mow the lawn soon, it's getting a bit shaggy, but it's been so hot and humid I can barely stand to be outside. Inspiration was thin last night. I stared at the painting but couldn't seem to see into it. Here it is, such as it is.

August 3--Camille Pissaro, Two Young Peasant Women. "Have you heard from Jean Louis yet?" Cherise asked Nanou. The redheaded Nanou shook her head. "Not yet, but he's only been gone a few days." She stood and brushed the grass off her skirt. "His cousin Andre stopped by and told me that he'd arrived. I'd hoped for a note but you know Jean, he's a man of action not much for writing or words." She shrugged and they turned back to hoeing weeds from the hills of potatoes. The artist rode by the field in his pony cart studying the way they dressed and how they moved. He thought he would paint them.

So there you have it. I console myself that it's the act not the product that's important.

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