Friday, August 26, 2011


The day just fritters away sometimes. I will confess that I slept until 8 this morning and then I stripped the bed and threw the sheets in the wash, did the cross puzzle, had breakfast, and paged through 2 WW mags that Cookie gave me. I made a wheatberry salad with chicken, cheese, carrots, leftover broccoli, red bell pepper, and some Dijon vinaigrette dressing. It's a "what's on hand" version of a cookbook recipe and delicious with a few cherry tomatoes halved on top. After Durwood and I remade the bed, I spent 2 hours this afternoon driving around trying to find basil plants and some oat groats. No one had either, not even Stein's had any basil plants left. I finally found some hydroponic ones at Woodman's that I'll try to make live in dirt and a very pricey bag of groats in their natural foods dept. There's a recipe for Three Grain Porridge with maple syrup and dried apricots in one of the WW mags that sounds good. I'm looking for something other than cheerios to have for breakfast. I'm open to suggestions. I like everything but liver and raspberries.

August 25--Japan, Kamakura period, Death of the Historical Buddha. "How can you think of hanging that in the dining room? There are animals, some of them dead, all along the bottom. Look there, a man being killed by a snake. Oh it's just the perfect art to dine to. Make sure you put a light on it because I am certain that our guests will want to feast their eyes on the grieving and the dead while she feast at our table. No, don't interrupt. I can't believe you spent tens of thousands of dollars on a piece of silk with a painting of a funeral on it and expect me to be happy to hang it in the dining room. Maybe we can hire a butcher as entertainment at our next party. Oh, for God's sake, don't cry. You know I hate seeing a man cry."

Someday. Someday I'm just going to disengage the "polite" button and just rant. Not about anything specific but about anydamnthing I want to. Maybe when I'm old and infirm, I'll be a bitch. Nah, prob'ly not, I'm just too nice. Ick.

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