Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Is The Way We Mow The Lawn...

That's really all I plan to do today, mow the lawn, because I've been trying to cram too darned much into my days and have left myself feeling overwhelmed. Self-inflicted overwhelm is just plain foolish. I need to take control of my impulses and plan a little down time. Today's the day. Just as soon as I've got the grass cut and have stopped sweating like a field hand I'm going to plug my iPod in my ears and sit staring off into space. Yeah, I know, there's only a slim chance that I'll manage that but I can try, can't I? I'd have mowed an hour ago but it's so humid that the grass was soaking wet then so I'm reduced to mowing in the blazing midday sun. I've got my lo-cal Gatorade all ready to keep me from tipping over when I'm mowing, plus it'll be a workout so I can kill two stones with one bird. Way to go, me!

August 15--Georges Seurat, Gray Weather, Grande Jatte. Walt had high hopes for his holiday. He had rented a flat-bottomed boat for two weeks. His plan was to slowly motor a few miles down the river every day fishing, painting, and dozing in a chair on deck. The first few days were perfect, warm and sunny with a few clouds and a little breeze that played in the trees onshore. Then it started to rain and blow.

Then I fell asleep.


Sharon said...

I was thinking about doing yard work today but then we had thunderstorms this mroning.

Really enjoy your posts. Read them almost every day.

Barbara said...

Thunderstorms! I want some.

Aunt B said...

I used to mow the grass when we lived in Dallas and loved that feeling of accomplishment when it was all done. It always looked so neat and tidy. You are noble to do it when it's hot and humid!!