Friday, April 1, 2011

From Kentucky

We made it in one piece, well, three separate pieces plus the Uplander actually and if I count all the luggage... well, nevermind. Suffice to say, we're here and in good shape. This morning we met the fam for coffee and then separated to perform our appointed tasks. I was on paper airplane duty which meant I untwisted a pile of flyswatter handles so that Brenda could hot glue paper airplanes on the ends. The other ends were stuffed in glass vases half-filled with pretty rocks. They're going to be some cool table decorations. The only hitch was it was freezing out in the old tobacco barn since it was only 50 degrees and windy. Now I'm getting ready for the rehearsal and then we'll go to the Lexington Children's Theatre for a fried chicken supper.

March 31--American, Central Piedmont, Sugar Pot. Delia had always loved the red pot with the green and yellow stripes that had always stood on its own shelf in Nana Pearson's pantry. When she was little it was because that's where the brown sugar was. Nana made cookies and could be relied on to hand out a lump or two to any grandchild in the room. Once Mama saw a parade of ants crawling across the counter, up the side of the pot, and under the lid she insisted that Nana keep her sugar sealed in a Mason jar and in the refrigerator. Delia never minded having to brush and ant or two off her sugar lump. "They're God's creatures too," Nana said. "Everything deserves a little sweetness in their life." The adult Delia was thrilled when her name was called at the handing out after Nana's funeral. The sugar pot was still there. She took it home, washed it, put her brown sugar in it, and ate a lump thinking of Nana as she did.

Well, my tea has warmed me up a bit, my toes are still a bit tingly or numb. I'll warm up eventually.

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