Monday, April 18, 2011

Not What You're Expecting Today

Yesterday we helped our son and daughter-in-law paint the inside of their new house.

First we delivered house-warming gifts...

then Durwood and DS conferred on a few things...

then we got busy taping what they didn't want painted.

DIL1's mom and dad, H & J, came to help too. H painted the batheroom which I think is the hardest room because it's small and you can't move the "furniture."

J painted the master bedroom. (Maybe because his old scrubs matched the paint???)

DIL1's cousin K and her husband G painted the second bedroom blue.

Aunt S did most of the edging in the entrance, living, and dining rooms.

while DS & DIL1 wielded the Power Roller, an excellent invention.

DIL1's cousin C's girlfriend K is a painting genius. She did the sunroom in no time at all and volunteer to come and paint "anytime."

I got to paint the red accent wall in the living/dining room. I put on two coats but it probably needs another.

Then I helped DS paint the kitchen a bright, sunny yellow.

We cleaned up around 7:30 and all went back to DS & DIL's apartment for a delicious spaghetti supper with salad, homemade sesame bread, and peach upside-down cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. We were all almost too tired to eat (but we managed) and I was nearly asleep by the time we got home. I tried to write but just couldn't. Maybe these photos will make up for it?

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Aunt B said...

The photos definitely make up for whatever you think you failed to write. Looks like lots of work -- but fun too. Know they're thrilled.