Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Enough, Already!

That was the newspaper's headline this morning after getting 10.2 inches of wet, heavy snow yesterday and early today. The snow was so heavy that our power went out around 10 PM last night and didn't come on until 2 AM this morning. Durwood was quite worried that he couldn't crank his electric blanket up to "volcanic" but I snuggled up to him and he stayed warm. I'm a furnace. One cool thing about yesterday's storm was that it thundered and lightning-ed. It's very odd to watch flakes fly with rolling thunder as the background music. Since the power went out I didn't have light to write with so I had to do the prompt this morning. Ah well, writer's adjust.

April 19--Rembrandt van Rijn, The Good Samaritan.

A Sad Commentary

Let me help you,
I say to the gray-haired lady
struggling with a cane,
a cart, and a heavy purse.
Oh, thank you, dear,
she says, but doesn't let go.
Let's do it together!
the tone of her voice sings
like we're playing a game.
Side by side our hands
hoist her burden
up the curb,
into the bank.

It hurts me that our
society is so degraded
that she thinks a Samaritan
will rob her.

True story. It happened yesterday morning when I walked out of the post office at a bank in my neighborhood. Broke my heart. Be nice anyway.

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