Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring & Knitting

On Thursday I took a tarp out back to gather up the raspberry canes I had pruned off and drag them out to the curb and I found something so unexpected that I have to show you. The backstory is in, like, January 2010 my friend Lyn said that Home Depot was selling primrose plants for a dollar each so I went and bought 5 of them just to see some green life in the middle of winter. I kept them alive (amazing!) until I could plant them out back close to the house. I forgot about them. They're coming up and blooming! Right now! Look.

I fell prey to Kay Gardiner's Mitered Cross Blanket pattern this week. She wrote it and is selling it and all the proceeds go to Japan disaster relief. I figured I can afford to give five bucks so I bought the pattern. Then she said on her blog that she's going to have a random drawing for a bag of yarn out of all the blankets posted on Ravelry. Well, that meant I had to cast on and get my needles flying, didn't it? I went downstairs and pulled out a few skeins of variegated wool with long prints and a couple light natural colors of wool for the background. I'm knitting into the home stretch of the first block and then I'm going to put it down and concentrate on finishing what I have OTN. I am, really. Cross my heart.

The other day I finished my latest preemie hat to take to the knitting guild meeting next week. It's so tiny and so cute I can't stand it. It'd fit on a peach, I think.

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Aunt B said...

I love those brave little primroses!