Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

Does anybody else remember it being like a holiday? When I was a kid in southern Indiana I thought it was a holiday but maybe it was just a day off. I don't know. I'll ask Mom next time I talk to her. I'm so excited for DS & DIL1; today's the day that the furniture movers come, the cable/Internet gets hooked up and they sleep in their new house for the first time. Cool, huh? We had a nice Easter meal with them and her folks last night of ham, potato fritata, fresh asparagus, and the Zander's traditional lime Jello/cream cheese/pear salad ring with macaroons and cake bunnies for dessert. I could have done without the bunnies, I was stuffed, but I ate mine. Just to be polite, you understand. It was chocolate. I had a little wine too, just a little. I'm trying to be less of a timid drinker. I've been going to Titletown's Beer & ____ pairings to learn to appreciate beer and this time it's comparing beer and wine with food, should be very, um, educational. Also delicious. I can't wait, the next one's on Wednesday. Click the link and read the menu. I wish you could come too.

April 24--Nerius, Initial A with Scenes of Easter.

One steady hand
holding a brush
by candlelight.

The parchment
held in place by
sandbags on corners,
wet painted wrinkles
dry flat.

A stroke of cobalt
for background
red, white, gold
here and there
for the halos of the saintly.

Did he pray
as he painted?
Each stroke a

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and that you didn't eat too many Peeps.

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Aunt B said...

Wish I could be there too -- sounds fun and delicious. Is this what Abby does at Titletown?? Plans and executes these events? Don't forget to ask her for that Summer Roll recipe from the wedding. Those were sooooo wonderful. Thanks.