Friday, April 15, 2011

Thanks for Bad Companions...

especially for my playmate today. My friend Skully and I went walking at the same trail we walked on Tuesday except we took a non-paved path along the south side of the creek to see if we couldn't find the geocache we didn't find on Tuesday. We enjoyed following the mountain bike trails through the brush, under and over fallen trees and logs, and around thickets. Skully's geocaching app on her iPhone led us to the spot. We looked and looked but couldn't find it. Foiled again! She wanted to find the person who planted it and sit on him until he told where it was. I think the place it was got blown down in the terrible winds we had last week or it got washed away in the snow melt flood. I was all for backtracking but she was convinced that we could cross the creek farther down so we kept going--until we came to a veritable cliff. She climbed up the steep path to the tippy-top only to find more trail and no way to cross. So we turned back to a logjam that I insisted we could cross. She wasn't so sure but I forged ahead, being the blockhead that I am. I fell after taking one step, but I was not deterred. (blockhead, remember?) I found a good stick and poked ahead to make sure we could step, that's how we crossed the creek. I guess I was the bad companion today, but we had a hilarious and tiring time. Here's the logjam after we crossed. I have a small scrape on my knee from my fall but it didn't even tear my jeans. I'd say that a skinned knee and muddy shoes equals fun! Besides how many playmates or bad companions quote Robert Frost to you when you come to a fork in the trail?

April 14--Johann Wilhelm Oberlander the Elder, Pair of Transverse Flutes.

The Mimic

Notes like raindrops in sunshine
flow out the open panes,

excite the robin
on the apple branch.

Practice scales challenge
him to heights of song.

Red breast puffed he sings
his best to outperform

his fluted rival at
her music stand.

I just remembered that April is Poetry Month. Guess what I'll be writing for you for the next two weeks?

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