Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not As Warm

As we'd hoped for DD's big day but it's supposed to be partly sunny and the mid-50s. Whew, no rain. It's been great to be with the family these last few days, especially for a happy occasion.

April 1--Robert Rauschenberg, Winter Pool. It was a sad place in winter. Drained of most of its water and a catch basin for the leaves from the oaks and maples in the surrounding park. The leaves piled up against the eight foot high chain link fence too, looking like they were trying to get out. The painted benches looked faded and chipped, kind of forlorn and abandoned. Gangs of boys rode their bikes through the leaves following trails ct by the wheels of their fathers' and grandfathers' bikes. Nolan was new in town, new in school and everyone knows how hard a time seventh grade is for the kids. It seems like their brains are shut off because their bodies are so busy growing. Nolan's bike was too new and the wrong brand. He had an accent, too, in a time and place suspicious of strangers. Police chief Garrett Delaney wasn't all that surprised when he found Nolan's yellow ski jacket hanging from the top of the pool fence and Nolan's lifeless body face down in the stagnant water and leaves in the diving well.

Well, that's grim. Have a good day.

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