Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In The Shop

My laptop stopped recognizing me as Administrator last week when I ran Spybot so I decided to take it to the fix-it shop yesterday for a tune-up. This is one of the many advantages to having a local ISP. They do repairs. For forty bucks I get a virus scan, they physically clean it, they download any upgrades, run all sorts of diagnostics, and defrag it. And they tell me whether I can upgrade it to make it faster or more efficient and how much that'd cost. Well worth the money. But that also means that I don't have my computer for a few days. Right now I'm using the old desk top that Durwood uses and I feel like I'm back in the Stone Age. You know that if we'd had this computer ten years ago we'd have been in heaven, now it's like driving a Model T. I'm not saying this too loudly but it stopped raining. Don't want to jinx it by shouting but this is a good thing. We've had enough, the ground is soaked and the farmers are twiddling their thumbs.

April 26--Germany, Chalice, Paten and Straw.

Ancient rite
performed by men
vowed to God
in prayer
Cathedral grand
with a golden cup
or in a hut
with a stone cup
Piety and intention
over pomposity
and pride
Sacred words
the setting

I'm off to shower and dress for work. Tonight's the Titletown Brewery Beer Pairing supper. I'm looking forward to learning more about beer, wine and food. Especially the food.

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