Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Made It!

I have worked all week, well at the end of today I'll have worked 4 days in a row. The last two days have been very slow, customer-wise, which makes time drag. I'd rather have customers one after the other with only a little downtime between them for potty breaks and a bit of web surfing than one customer in the morning and then a few phone calls. Ack. I did find the sock pattern with the easy, no-hole short row heel tutorial so I'm halfway through the heel of one of my Magic Loop socks X 2 which is good but I'd really rather work. Damned work ethic.

April 13--Jacometto, A Woman, Possibly a Nun of San Secondo.

"Possibly a nun"
seems rather vague,
like an excuse
or a stall.

The background
looks Italian,
sun-drenched and dry.
She's not dry,
though her hair is hidden,
her shoulders are bare.
There's not a nun,
dead or alive,
wearing an off-the-shoulder

Let's get real, boys.

I wish I could say that there was a twinkle in her eye but sadly no twinkle. I'd like to be out planting flowers or the garden but it's still way too chilly at night. *sigh* Pretty soon, a month, maybe.

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