Saturday, April 2, 2011

Car Knitting

It was tricky to decide what to pack for our drive to Lexington, Kentucky on Thursday. I didn't want to start anything new but everything I have OTN is either complicated or fussy so I picked my entrelac scarf for solitary knitting and a few skeins of acrylic for car and crazy times knitting. In the car on Thursday when I was alert I finished the row of entrelac I was on but then starting the next row seemed like too much to focus on when I had to concentrate on keeping us safe on the highway and make sure that the GPS was sending us the right way. (No, I wasn't driving, Durwood drove the whole way, but I have an irrational need to pay attention to everything as if I were in charge of the whole world. It's tiring and I try not to but it's a habit.)

I cast on a preemie hat and started knitting. I want to thank my knitting friend, Zoe, again for teaching me how to knit Magic Loop. It's so much easier than trying to keep track of five double pointed needles in the car. I got one hat done on the drive and started another when we sat visiting with Aunt B.

Friday was spent in the paper airplane sweatshop (a cold and drafty tobacco drying barn) making table centerpieces. It wasn't hard work and fun to spend the day with DD and her friends, but I didn't wear my hoodie and fleece vest and was very chilled by the time I left. See me in my blanket? Note to self: always take a warm jacket even if you think you won't need it.

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Aunt B said...

Wasn't it a WONDERFUL weekend?? You were noble to endure the cold all day Friday to make the cute airplanes. But it was worth it because it all turned out soooo great. And thanks a million times over for taking such good care of Marl and me. Love you more!!