Friday, April 22, 2011

All Better

So you don't think that we're sitting up here in a tundra between drifts, here's a chronicle of post-snowstorm mornings. By Wednesday morning most of the depth was gone and by this morning the only snow left is in the thickest places. My question is, did we really need this last storm? Huh? You can't answer, can you? No one can because... because there's no excuse for that kind of snow insult in the middle of April.

I added a couple inches of sock leg at work this week. I think it's very cool that I can watch them grow and be making them so different at the same time.

The Red Marl sweater front got some rows added too.

1 comment:

Aunt B said...

Soooooo nice to see that green backyard again! I'd say that HAS to be the last of the snow for this year, but I'm scared I'd jinx you!