Friday, April 29, 2011

Still No Kumquat

My laptop wasn't ready yesterday. Boohoo, boohoo. So I'm still on the desktop dinosaur in the living room. *sigh* It'll be ready later today and Durwood said he'd go pick it up for me since I'm going to run away for a playdate with a friend. We're going to a farm and out for pizza and to find some treasures.

April 28--Mexico, Majolica Bottle.

Holding one stem
one flower
has to do a lot of work
in the blue and white
Mexican vase
with the narrowest neck
A showy yellow dahlia
would make a statement
An arch of sea oats
only a suggestion
The stem with three dailies
seems like an excuse

Well, my friend is here so I'm off to play. Enjoy your day.

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