Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cloudy At Work, Sunny At Home

That's how it seems this week, anyway. Monday, I worked--cloudy. Tuesday, I was off--sunny. Today, I work--cloudy. Tomorrow I'm off--supposed to be sunny. Friday & Saturday, I work--supposed to be cloudy and rainy. Now I'm convinced that the sun shines only for me. My mama thinks it does so it must be true. One of the knit bloggers that I read has written an afghan square pattern that she's selling for $5 and all the proceeds go to disaster relief for Japan through a charity that she supports. So far she's been able to donate $8000 in our names. I love knitters. I'm going to cast on my first square today and then post it on my Ravelry account because she's having a random drawing contest for those who post their project. The prize is a big bag of yummy looking yarn and some other doodads. Pick me, Kay! Pick me!

April 5--Turkey, Ottoman Period, Helmet. The steel helmet lay on the marble floor of the gallery. The whole exhibit looked like a group of naughty children had played dress up and then disappeared. Every artifact, every single piece had been moved or rearranged. Marjorie stood in the doorway that led into the side gallery where the Ottoman Turk exhibit was. The helmet rested on the floor less than an inch from the toe of her black leather pump. She wasn't paying attention to the voice of the police detective who had come to investigate. Her eyes roamed the room picking out her favorite pieces. It would take days to replace things, to figure out what if anything had been stolen. What possible reason could there be for such a mess? Then she saw the hand lying in a pool of what looked like blood.

Can anyone tell me why my right earring is pinching?

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