Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Odd But Good

That's how it felt be home yesterday with nothing to do but go to work, come home, and then meet a few friends for coffee in the evening. Just like a normal day, no zooming around like a fart in a dipper (as Great-grandpa Gerst would say) doing crazy, wedding stuff. Ahh. And I only had to do it for 2 days, I can't imagine how DD & DIL2 feel to be done with it, they've been living it for over a year. Relax well, ladies! I need to do a few errands this morning, including go vote (don't forget to vote!), so I'll post my prompt writing and get on the stick.

April 4--Frederick Carl Frieske, Summer. It was so private there in the willow glade beside the river. No one could see them from the water so they could be free there. Diandra and Sophie talked about when women could vote and who was keeping company with who among their friends. They laughed and argued whiling away the hours. Now that they were out of school they had the hours free to read poetry to each other and write verse of their own into a notebook that they hid in a hollow tree. They would wrap the small volume in an old piece of oilcloth to protect it and slide it into the dark space. Sophie always wanted to curl her fingers, cringing at the thought that she might encounter the fur or teeth of a wild animal.

Durwood's brother RJ just called so I'll be a bit late getting out and about but I'm glad to be off today.

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