Thursday, April 21, 2011

Melting, melting

As fast as it fell on Tuesday, that's how fast the snow's melting today. Thank. god. How come when I go to the chiropractor for a sore knee the adjustment just shifts the hurt to a different part of my knee before taking it away? The back of my knee stopped hurting with one adjustment but now the side of it hurts. I do not understand. I have another appointment after work, maybe that one'll move it off my knee, off my body altogether. That'd be good, that'd be very good. I wonder what the temperature's supposed to be today. Should I take my winter coat, my spring coat, or a light jacket? It's nice and sunny today but I've been fooled by the sun before, I think I'll take my winter coat just to be safe.

April20--Johannes Vermeer, Young Woman with a Water Pitcher.

She is grateful
for the morning light
streaming through leaded
glass, warming her skin,
painting it golden.
Cool water washes away
night's shades
darting at the edges
of her mind.
Sensuous dreams
drain away as
the day awakens
to responsibility.

Off to work, but first I need to make a sandwich for lunch. Bye!

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