Thursday, April 28, 2011


I guess I didn't realize how connected I am to my laptop. It's not like I don't have access to a computer, there's one at work and I'm using it right now, there's also the old dinosaur desktop one that Durwood uses at home, but (whining now) I want mine, my computer, my little Kumquat. I talked to the tech yesterday and he said he hoped it'd be ready today. Fingers crossed. It's rainy again today. It better get nicer tomorrow, I've got plans to be outside tomorrow. I can't get the idea of raking DS & DIL's yard out of my mind. Maybe I'll sneak over there on Saturday if it's nice. D'you think they'd notice?

April 27--Claude Monet, View of Vetheuil.

down the valley
lies the village
houses painted in pastels
around the white church
buzzing bees, rustling leaves
make summer's music
nodding poppies
scarlet ripples
race the breeze into town
black V of a hawk
rides the thermals over the fields
light and soaring yet
forged of steel and feathers
death haunts the sky
over Vetheuil

I'm listening to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It's a YA book my friend recommended that I borrowed from the library. I'm hooked and just reserved the other 2 books of the trilogy. Thanks, Lala! Have fun this weekend.

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Aunt B said...

After I read The Hunger Games, I just couldn't face the other two. Since it's a YA book, does that make me an old foggie??? There was something about it that was really off-putting to me. But since you like it, that must make you a Young Adult!!! So good for you!!!