Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is Coming!

Look at what's peeking out at me when I come up to the door. This hyacinth lives in the corner by the mailbox and sometimes sprouts in February. I watch and I watch hoping the cold doesn't hurt it. So far it hasn't disappointed. This was Dad's favorite.

I planted a bunch of crocuses last fall because my previous crocuse
s forgot when to sprout so I had the little leaves but never any flowers and never any flowers when I need them in the early spring.

Last weekend my Aunt B brought the little white china slipper that had been the wedding cake topper on Mom's cake and my cake. DD had it set in the middle of her bouquet. It
belonged to Mom's favorite neighbor when she was growing up. I get to be custodian of it for now.

DD and DIL2 gave Durwood and I this beautiful bowl made by one of DIL2's friends. I was so afraid it'd get damaged on the way home but it made it in one piece. Whew.

Here's the little preemie hat I knitted on the way home. This is a grea
t car pattern.


Aunt B said...

I love seeing the little slipper there with your spring flowers!! All your pictures are always so neat!

dusty said...

The bowl is BEAUTIFUL!