Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Little Achy

That's how I feel today after hauling load after load from the kids' apartment to their new house. We did three or four double loads, I lost count, but got everything moved that they'd hoped to move yesterday like books, clothes, bathroom stuff, closets emptied, and small furniture. Today they're tackling the kitchen and Monday the furniture movers come and that should be the end except for apartment cleaning. Once they're living in the house it'll be a whole lot easier to do things in their free moments. We're going over there around 6 PM for a bite of ham. Durwood's got 3 lbs. of fresh asparagus to share. Then we promise to leave them alone for a while so that they can concentrate on making their home.

April 23--Nerius, Initial A with Scenes of Easter.

He is dead
they cry from their knees


his body is washed
wrapped in linen
only to rise in 40 days

Would you believe it
if you didn't see it?
I don't know what to believe anymore. I listen to my heart and it's just lying there thumping away not giving any hints. I think I'll take a walk.
Happy Easter!

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