Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Baby Brothers...

turned 55 yesterday. Happy Speed Limit (on some highways), T & A! I sent them cards and sang to one, missed the other, and then tried to go to a party but no one showed. Maybe I had the time wrong. I don't know what happened but maybe they're old enough to not remember? Yeah, probably not. Oh well, I tried, and I'm even older so I get a pass. Time sure goes fast when you're having a life. And I get to work again today. Yesterday I could have locked the store at about 3:30 and no one would have known. No calls and no customers for 3.5 hours. Bo-o-o-o-oring. Lucky I had my knitting. I have jumped on another bandwagon like a loon and cast on a blanket that's made in blocks. I'm closing in on finishing the first one and then I'll put it aside and finish something I've got on the needles. Cross my heart. Really.

April 8--Walker Evans, Levee Scene. Those boys down by the levee they're a rough bunch. They's enough of 'em that they ain't afraid of no one. Not that they's big, no sir, they don't got enough food to grow big fast but they're all poor and have to scrap for what they gets. Last time I was down to the levee to wet my line one of them tried to make off with my bait. Can you believe it? He laid hand on the old galvanized pail with the minnows I seined outta the backwater in it but I felt him moving close and I hollered to run him off. It's a hungry time these days. Ain't no work to be had except for the WPA or the CCC and I'm too old to be hauling rock or cutting timber so I scratch around for day labor. Them boys out to be in school but I suspect their families ain't got money 'nough for them to go.

Where'd that come from? I gots to go work.

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