Thursday, April 7, 2011


This morning Dusty and I (and her dog, Maggie) walked on the George F. Kress Trail part of the Baird Creek Greenway. It's about a mile and a half one way and wends its way between factories and past power stations and construction sites alone Baird's Creek. I like it because it's semi-scenic but it also shows how big business values preserving natural spaces. Ol' George donated the land and built a little wood and girder bridge over the creek, generally making it possible to take good care of the water and the ducks and whatever else lives there plus giving people a nice place to walk. They keep it pretty clear in winter because some people use it to get to work at the crust factory and the cheese factory. I'm happy to report my knee and calf did fine. We took it easy but it doesn't hurt so I'm happy.

April 6--George Inness, Peace and Plenty.

The setting sun turned
the river to molten
gold winding through
rich green pastures.
Lambs played,
grain ripened,
late afternoon's light
was tucked into
nightfall's arms
for safekeeping.

I'm off to get my eyes checked. Have a focused day!

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