Saturday, April 30, 2011


She's home, safe and sound and cleaned out. Ahhhh. We had a great time yesterday driving around eastern WI in the sunshine. Cookie and I went to a bead store, a fabric store, and a yarn shop. We left money in each one. Then we went to a brick oven pizza restaurant for the most delectable prosciutto and arugula pizza. To. Die. For. It was fun to ride around, gabbing away, but we missed our friend Skully who was too sick to come along. We didn't geocache so we'll have an excuse to go back.

April 29--Walker Evans, Abandoned House.

years of life
seeped into the planks
babies cried
children grew
days ended
all within these
now the wind
blows through the cracks
but it can't extinguish
the energy of all those

One more day of April, one more poem (for sure) in honor of Poetry Month. Celebrate life today!

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Bob said...

nice poem, Barbara. thanks.