Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Again

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday but, kids, Durwood, Mom and I were trapped in the Uplander for, oh, about 10 hours driving from spring in Lexington back to winter in Green Bay. It snowed here in the morning yesterday. Could you die?!?!?!? Today I had a serious case of weekend lag. There wasn't a spare moment from Thursday until last night that wasn't filled with driving or wedding-ing stuff. Fun but tiring. Did I mention I'm tired? Happily it wasn't very consistently busy at the dive shop today so I was able to kind of zone out. And Mrs. Boss left me a note that she's off to visit her relatives in Colorado on Friday for a week since her Maldives trip was canceled and she'd already paid for airfare. I don't blame her, and think about the infusion of cash my "mad" money will get with working extra hours this week and next. Woohoo! My wrenched knee appreciated the quiet day and not being in one car position all day so I figure I'll be back walking the trails on Thursday. Dusty said she'd make sure I don't walk too fast and hurt myself again. She's a good friend. Bossy too.

April 2--Egypt, Relief Block Depicting Mentuhotep II. Man, that headdress must have been uncomfortable to wear. Look how it slots around his ear. It must have hurt to squeeze his ears into there and then have the weight of it pressing on those tender spots. I like the look of his breastplate necklace thingy. It looks like it was made of gold and onyx and turquoise but it was probably just glass. Glass was a big deal back then.

And that's all she wrote on Saturday night, no writing occurred at all last night. Maybe tonight will be better. I think I'll climb into bed and give it a whirl right now. Bonne nuit.

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