Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a Glorious Walk!

Skully and I (and her English Cocker, Maggie) met this morning at the Danz Ave. end of the Baird's Creek Trail. We haven't been able to walk on it all winter because once it's snow covered they groom it for cross country skiing. Tsk. So we've been waiting not very patiently for it to be open again. We figured that last weekend's warm temps must have surely melted the last of the snow so off we went. It was absolutely perfect--sunny but cool, the birds were singing and the creek was really moving. I used Skully's iPhone to take a picture and emailed it to myself so I can show you. See? It made a lovely sound too. Walking on that bit of trail started my day off on a high note. It was grand.

April 11--Georges Seurat, The Forest at Pontaubert. It was like another world in the forest that day. At first the low mist swirled around Giselle's legs chilling her and making her jeans damp. As the sun rose high the golden light pierced the canopy, making it look like a modernist painting. Distances were hard to judge, she looked ahead to find a landmark and she would wither smack into it or take to long to reach it, and the path kept disappearing. Once the morning chill burned off it was pleasant as she walked. She smiled to think of sitting in an open place in the sun having her cheese, fruit and wine. Once again the path disappeared, this time into a thick patch of bramble. the thorns looked too long to be real, like they had come from a Disney version of Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel. She scanned either side to see which way most hikers went but it looked undisturbed. Tightening her backpack straps she stepped off to the right and without three steps couldn't have found her way back.

Kinda creepy. Off to do work.


P.S. I don't understand it. The picture came from Skully's iPhone upside down so I flipped it with MS Office Picture Mgr. to make it right side up. When I downloaded it from my file, it showed up upside down again, so I went back and turned it again in my file and it downloaded right side up. That's the one up top. This one here's the first one I downloaded. It won't "delete" and when I right-click on it, the "cut" command is grayed out. Grrr. I love comptuers.

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Aunt B said...

The place where you walked looked wonderful -- even upside down!!