Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's over 70 degrees. In Green Bay, WI. In April. It won't last, I know that, but it was sure fun to go to Mom's in a short-sleeved T and capris. When I got home I pulled the patio table out of the shed and Durwood and I sat out there until the storm rolled in. The warm air was pushed up here before a huge wedge of iron-gray clouds full of lightning and thunder. There's supposed to be wind tomorrow, big wind. Good thing I like wind and I piled the patio chairs back up and tucked them into the corner where the shed and house meet so they'll stay put. I filled the umbrella weight and stuck the bottom of the pole into it through the table so that'll stay put too. I'm looking forward to the storm. I love spring storms, I love storms any old time as long as they've got some oomph and don't just hang around looking glum for a couple days and doing nothing. I hope it's nice next weekend because DS & DIL2 are supposed to close on their house next Friday (pause for frantic happy dancing) so they're hosting a painting party next Sunday before there's any furniture there. I'll try to take pictures without getting paint on the camera.

April 9--France, Limoges, Chasse of Champagnat. The copper box was cold to the touch. It was old, the curator said it was made almost nine hundred years ago. Clarinda couldn't imagine an object surviving that long. This box even had a lot of original paint. She wore white cotton gloves to carry the box to her work area. She had long admired the box with its bright gold paint, the happy angels on top, and the friendly saints waving from the sides. It was her job to keep it from falling apart. She made sure the humidity was controlled and that it never sat in direct sun or strong light. She had gotten Dr. Heinrich to order a display case made of UV glass so that it wouldn't lose so much as a flake of paint while under her care.

I'm going out to watch the storm blow in. Later, dudes and dudettes.

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