Thursday, March 31, 2011


We're getting the van loaded and will pick up Mom in about an hour and leave for Lexington for the weekend.

March 30--William Wood, An Interesting Story (Miss Ray). How still she sits, the picture of proper young womanhood. She is dressed in the purest ivory, the same color as her flawless skin. Her auburn curls perch atop her head looking tumbled and yet restrained. My fingers itch to loose them, to watch them fall like flaming silk on those shoulders that invite the touch of my lips. I would have her in my arms, eyes a-sparkle, laughing my name, her coral lips parted just the merest bit inviting mine. I feel her softness against me, warm and sweet. I would gorge myself upon that sweetness, devour her so that she is part of me forevermore.

I'm going to be glad for dry roads and sunny skies today.

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