Monday, March 21, 2011


Safe back at home, and safe that the clothes I want to wear to the wedding in less than 2 weeks fit and look nice. They just need to go on a visit to the dry cleaners since they've been hanging in the closet during my fatter years. Whew. Tomorrow we clothe Durwood, that should be fun since he really hates the whole "trying on" part of figuring out what to wear. Maybe if I disrobe in solidarity he'll be too distracted to complain...

I have new shoes. New walking shoes. They are very comfy and probably if I'd had them earlier yesterday I wouldn't have driven home in wet socks. I ordered another pair that should arrive in a week or so. I'll put those in the closet to be in the two-pairs rotation I try to keep going. You know you're supposed to give your shoes a rest for a day to preserve them and keep them from getting too skanky, right? New shoes, new shoes. I love new shoes.

March 20--Greek, Man and Centaur. At first Jessup thought it was an especially smooth stone poking out of the ground, but like every kid, he had to dig it out. He started with his fingers but soon he had to find a good stick with a nice sturdy end to gouge the dirt away. It took a whole but eventually he had a little statue of a man and a boy. He could tell they were males because they both had wangers and stones, which was gross. But what was even grosser was that the boy had half a horse, the back half attached to his back and that had a wanger too. The statue was about the size of his shoe, made of some kind of metal, and it looked like some of the sick statues the olden people made that were in the museum. It sure wasn't anything he'd ever want to keep for himself, not like a cool arrowhead or Indian thing like that.

I always like it when a kid appears as the POV character, especially when they're about 11 to 13. Those are choice ages.

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