Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Picked Writing

On Friday afternoon I said I'd choose to either knit or write, well, I chose writing. I opened up the last rewrite of the last NaNoWriMo novel to read through it, inserting contractions and hyphens used or left out to achieve the word count. I cranked up the laptop and the Walkman with its New Age-y rainforest and surf sounds that focus my mind. After about an hour I realized that I was back at the keys eager and excited. I tried to take my picture, with marginal success, and then I went right back at it.

Saturday lunch was at a downtown deli. Our waiter was late taking his ritalin. Not the most relaxing interaction. By the end of the meal I was tempted to fling myself over the railing. Just sayin'.

On the way back to the hotel, and the manuscript, we took a detour down
to the sunny riverwalk to spend a little more time getting the cobwebs blown out.

Then it was butt in chair back to work.

Just at sundown we walked back down the river walk to the shore where the March full moon, the supermoon rose over the lake. After watching for a while we went to Lino, a pretty darned fancy Italian restaurant for appetizers and dessert.

It has been a great weekend of walking and talking and writing. I was amaze
d to realize yesterday that I had parked my car on Thursday afternoon and haven't driven it since. My shins and knees ache but I've had an excellent time.

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