Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Skully needed a ride today so I provided it. On the way to drop her off I missed the turn and went past a corner where we'd not found a geocache earlier in the winter. We complained about it as we went by and then decided to go back to see if we could find it. She was looking at the barrier across the street and I was looking around the fire hydrant. A neighbor backed out of his driveway by her and told her where to look. I went over to help look and found it! It's called Nightmare On Elm Street, it's on the corner of Elm and Newhall Streets. I wish I'd let Skully find it but we'll find more and she'll get to some first. This is one fun activity, you should try it.

March 7--Francisco de Goya, Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuniga. The cats were transfixed by the tethered magpie. The little boy insisted that he wouldn't pose for the artist without all his birds. Goya was pressed for time, he had to get the bones of this portrait of the little Don on canvas and then get to Seville to paint the Dona Louisa before her marriage to that pockmarked imbecile from France. As he began painting there were no cats in the room, but the sound of the cage of finches brought them. First came the calico, well-fed and yellow eyed, to crouch just behind the little boy's legs. The gray was next, smaller and sleek; it squeezed between the child and the calico and its purrs echoed through the room. The magpie was aware of the threat but it kept pecking at and rattling a scrap of paper. Last came the all black cat. As if it were conscious of its color, it stayed in the shadows, only its eyes faintly visible. Goya could barely paint for watching the trio of cats, waiting for the pounce.

It feels like spring today.

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