Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thunder Snow

Yup, last night around 10 we had thunder and lightning and snow. It was pretty loud and bright just like a regular thunderstorm but instead of a downpour of rain we had a downpour of snowflakes. Weird. And today we've got about 7-8" on the ground, 2-3" more supposed to fall today, all the schools are closed, and I have to work. Tell me, how many customers do you think I'll get today? We're hip deep in heavy wet snow, it's still snowing, who's going to be thinking of going diving? I'll take extra knitting.

March 22--Egypt, South Middle Kingdom, Funerary Guardian Figure. Amelia felt his eyes on her. In the close confines of the tomb she couldn't avoid him. He stood there waiting for eternity to pass. He did his job and did it as well as he could, which meant not at all considering the tomb had been raided centuries ago and he was carved from wood. That didn't keep her from talking to him as she worked and his lifelike look meant she half-expected him to talk back.

Man, I could so go right back to bed and sleep, but I've got to fire up the snowblower and then shower and go to work. *sigh*

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