Thursday, March 24, 2011

17.3" Of Snow

That's the final total we got from Snowstorm Francesca. Woo-dogies, that's a lot of snow! Yesterday the wind joined in and whipped the snow around making whiteouts all afternoon. The only reason I went outside yesterday was to clear the driveway, and get stuck thrice going around the block. Kind strangers helped me. Once I was in the driveway I went back up the street to help my stuck neighbor. We got her into another neighbor's driveway until the plows went through and her son could reclaim their car. It was insanely bad out there. Glad I didn't try to go to work.

March 23--German, The Visitation. Sally wondered what the two ladies in the window were talking about. She knew one of them had to be the Virgin Mary but she wasn't sure who the other one was. Neither of them looked very happy. She sat in the pew half listening to the priest so she'd know when to stand up or kneel down but she wasn't paying much attention. Even though she was only five going on six, she'd been to Mass enough that she pretty much had it memorized. Plus her cousin Maureen liked to play church when they all got together and Maureen was always the priest and Sally was either an altar boy or the choir. She liked being an altar boy because she got to ring one of Aunt Cele's bell collection bells and carry the cup of apple or grape juice they'd pilfer from Grandma's fridge. Sally wished she could be the priest once because Maureen always got to drink the juice and eat the saltines they pretended were the Host. Sometimes Maureen would break up one of the crackers and give communion to them. Sally had to admit that Maureen made a good priest but it seemed to her that only boys got to be priests. Didn't seem right since they wore dresses most of the time anyway.

Well, that brought up a nice memory of growing up. We were good, we played Mass in Latin, all my girl cousins and I.

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