Friday, March 25, 2011

I Need to Pay Closer Attention

because 5 posts ago was number 1500. Now that's a number worth celebrating but I wasn't paying attention and I missed it so--YAY! five days ago.

The sun has come out again and it is blinding on the fresh snow, and mercy it is cold out there. Dusty and I hoped to be able to walk outside today but with nearly 18" of new snow and temps in the low teens we were back in the mall. We each fell in love with a purse we saw in Buckle so we hung around until the stores opened and each bought one. Then we investigated a pair of red canvas tennis shoes I liked--$70 is too expensive, and a pair of sparkly silver ones in another shop--also too expensive at $55. We're going back to the mall at 4 PM to get henna tattoos. Cool, huh? Not matching, though, we're not teenagers, but we'll probably be dressed alike tonight at knitting carrying our identical purses. Evidently nearly 60 and just barely over 60 is not mature--yet.

March 24--Edna M. Walker, Linen Press. She was glad that she had saved her money and bought another kerosene lamp for the work room at the colony. Edna could stay up late working on the carved panels for the doors of the linen press that she was making. She liked the challenge of carving out the wood under the leaves so that they looked like they floated above the panel. when she got too tired she'd put away her carving tools and pick up the sanding block that was always at hand. She would move the sandpaper covered block in long, smooth strokes first down and then back, not across, never across so that she didn't raise the grain. She liked the golden color of the oak boards and planned to finish the linen press with a good wax finish.

Enjoy your day.

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