Monday, March 7, 2011

Scratchy Throat

It felt like a cracker crumb was stuck in my throat last night and this morning I feel like I'm getting a cold. I ate a few crackers before bedtime... Can you get a cold from Ritz? I could surely go back to bed. It's dreary and gray outside and I'm sure it's cold. The weather guessers said yesterday that it's supposed to get up to the high 30s early this week. That's cause for cheer right there. Maybe a shower will wake me up. I don't have any of that soap though. What's it called? Ummm, oh yeah, Irish Spring. Guess I'll have to make do with Zest.

March 6--Childe Hassam, Street in Portsmouth.

Captain Dodd was lost
at sea. Mrs. Dodd
paced the widow's walk
until her dying day.
Some say they see her
up there
gray and windblown.
Her moans soaked
into the timbers
release in the gales
of December. No amount
of happy families have
leached the grief
from the house.

Men go to sea,
women wait,
Portsmouth hasn't changed.

Coffee isn't helping, but then it is decaf. I'm off to find some Cheerios, maybe they'll wake me up.

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