Sunday, March 13, 2011

House Tour Today

We get to tour DS & DIL1's new house this afternoon. I'm excited, more to bask in their excitement than to see the house. That I've already seen a bunch about 10 years ago when it belonged to some diving friends. They had the inspection yesterday so we're anxious to hear what he/she uncovered. After the tour we're all going (her folks too) back to their apartment for supper. Crab cakes. Yum.

I was unhappy to discover that AAA isn't open on Saturday. What's up with that? I was looking for TripTiks for our drive to Lexington in a few weeks and route advice for our trip out West this summer. I should probably contact cousin Mike first to find out when the best time to come it, but I want to get an idea so I can start dreaming about it. Guess I'll have to leave for work early one day this week and go in then.

March 12--Isabel Canovas, Shoe. Amy didn't quite blend in with the other debutantes being introduced at the formal dance. At first glance her escort looked like all the other tuxedo clad young men on the girls' arms. A second glance revealed that he was a she, her blond blunt-cut hair slicked back and her tux obviously custom made. Amy's gown looked white the it was the palest pink which brought a bloom to her pale skin but it was her shoes that had the matrons talking. They were the hottest of hot pinks dotted with black beads, which on closer inspection turned out to be exquisitely embroidered and beaded ants. Few of the matrons even noticed the spider tattoo visible in her decolletage.

I would so wear hot pink pumps with black embroidered and beaded ants. Love. Them.

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