Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Night

We survived the night of the super moon. Whew. It was cold and windy but we persevered, walking down to the lakeshore just after sunset to see the moon, big and orange on the horizon. My little camera didn't do such a good job of taking its picture but it tried and kept on trying. In the afternoon it was sunny so we detoured from our walk back to our desks (or beds) after lunch to walk along the river in the sunshine. I was ecstatic to make strides polishing up my last NaNoWriMo manuscript to make it ready for submission, finishing a pass through inserting contractions and hyphens that expanded the word count for the competition. Just like real writing.

March 19--Greek, Man and Centaur, Bronze. They hold each other like they're dancing, the man and the half-man. The horse part is like an afterthought, an affliction that has stunted its host. They are all male, all three wear their masculinity in plain sight. Are they adversaries? Do they struggle against each other or are they holding each other up? Are they a family? One the offspring of a youthful indiscretion on a spring night when the moon was full?

It isn't long but I think it brings up interesting questions. Discuss.

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