Friday, March 11, 2011

Schizophrenic Weather

That's March in Green Bay in two words. No lie. Here's proof. The first picture was taken from the bedroom window on Wednesday morning. That's snowstorm Ethan and he left 4" of heavy, wet snow. The next picture is today, Friday, taken from the same window. Sunny, bright and supposed to get up to 38 degrees. It's just nuts. A person could get whiplash.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to Arti Gras which is an indoor art fair. I love going to see all the pretties and maybe buy a piece of pottery or jewelry, maybe not. On Sunday we get a tour of DS & DIL1's new house and then have supper with them and her parents. We're bringing homemade bread. With sesame seeds.

March 10--Gustav Klimt, Textile Sample. Tally loved the pillows on Mimi's couch on her porch. It had been there as long as Tally had been alive. It was the most comfortable couch in the whole wide world and she and her brothers Leo and Nathan fought over who got to lie on it on rainy afternoons. Mimi's summer house was big, it had seven bedrooms if you counted the two sleeping porches (which Tally did) and three bathrooms if you counted the outhouse (which Tally did not). Anyway, there was this one pillow on the couch that Tally especially liked. The fabric wasn't soft or shiny, in fact it was kind of canvas-y and rough. The designs on it were what she liked. On top there was a slug shape made from tan spirals with blue and red dots. It had a pair of antennas, one with dots along it like feelers branching out. Below that was a section of red with what looked like strings of yellow frogs' eggs on it. The other part was dark blue with light blue hearts on it. She didn't care about the hearts, she was going to be a scientist and she thought that Goosetav Klimpt designer guy should have been one too.

It's Friday. I'm off today. I love that.

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