Saturday, March 12, 2011

Snow Flurries Today

See what I mean? Weather whiplash. Not that I let weather stop me from doing what I want to do, no way, Jose. I've got the duds for everything Mother Nature can throw my way and I'm not afraid to use them. This morning I'm off to AAA to get started planning our drive Out West this summer. Me and Durwood want to strike out for Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, and Yellowstone in the Uplander for a couple weeks. I've never been out there, never driven anyway. I mean, we flew to Missoula and Seattle but never drove, at least I haven't. The last time Durwood was out there he was small enough to nap on the back window ledge of Pappy and Vi's car (that was waaaay before car seats or seat belts) so he wants to go back too. That's why I ordered the TomTom GPS. Really. It wasn't so I can geocache. Cross my heart (ignore the crossed fingers). I need time to learn how to use it to its maximum efficiency. Really. I have a cousin, Mike who works as a Landscape Architect in Yellowstone so I need to contact him to find out the best time to come. Last time we tried it was October and there was a blizzard that closed highways and the park. Grrr.

March 11--Nigeria, Edo, Court of Benin, Pendant Mask. The face appeared out of the gloom, white and staring. Leah gasped, her hands flying out to ward it off but they were stopped by the display case glass. She hated coming down to the storage vaults in the museum basement. Masks and wigs and animal heads hung everywhere. The light was dim. It was a wonder that no one had ever gotten lost in the maze of crates. She regularly startled at some grotesque image, sure that being down there took years off her life. And now it had started to smell down there. Doctor Pearson would most likely tell her to sniff around to find the incompletely tanned hide or the seashell inhabitant decayed to nauseating goo. Why was the floor sticky? She needed more light and fumbled in her smock pocket for the penlight she kept there and tripped over the trouser-clad leg blocking the aisle.

Dun-dun-dunnnn. I might have to see where this one goes next weekend. At least it's a starting place if the muse decides to come along. Sorry for all the links. I think my Link-er-ator got stuck.

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