Monday, March 14, 2011

Limbering Up My Paintbrush

The consensus after seeing the kids' "new" house is--paint. Lots of paint. They need new kitchen appliances and the first order of business is new windows, but to make it livable it needs a paint job and a bit of cleaning, and airing out, of course, since it's been empty for a year, but DIL1's mom and I are willing painters. They're so excited to get the keys for good and be able to start making it their own. It's exciting.

March 13--Isabel Canovas, Shoe. Lyn woke up with a start and stifled scream. She'd had the dream again. There was only one thing to do to get past it and that was to get out of bed and take a shower. She never knew what brought the dream but it was always the same. She would be walking down a country road on a breezy day. She liked to be outside in the wind, the dream started with her smiling. the breeze picked up and began to tug at her clothing. As the wind got stronger it blew her garments away, one by one, until she was naked and barefoot under the sun. Tiny specks flew on the wind landing on her pale skin that was turning pink under the blazing sun. At first she thought the specks were sand carried on the wind but the grains moved and she looked down to see that she was covered with ants. They were everywhere, in her hair, her eyes and ears, on her breasts, arms, torso, even in her pubis. The dream-Lyn began to brush them off, to wriggle and dance to try to dislodge them, and when that didn't work she awakened in a panic and ran into the shower, her heart racing and her skin alive with the feeling of thousands of insect feet.

Ooh, I'm shuddering just thinking about it. Gotta run or I'll be late for work. See ya bye.

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