Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunny...But C-c-cold

It was almost 40 degrees yesterday. It might make it to 20 today. What gives? Oh yeah, winter. By this time of the year I feel like winter has overstayed its welcome. We're all done with the beauty of slowly drifting flakes and the adventure of battling windblown snow and the surprise of sliding on ice. Done already. But, no, winter has to hang on for at least another month standing at the doorway like a reluctant-to-leave party guest saying goodbye and then remembering one more story to tell , until it's half past midnight and they're still there talking. I'm tired of being the too-polite-to-ask-them-to-leave host. I want to shout, "leave already," go put on my jammies, and hit the sack. I'll clean up in the morning. Cleaning up, that's another thing. I am so over shoveling snow. At first it was fun, kind of like cross training, but now it's just annoying, something else I have to do before work or when I come home. There's a white film on the driveway; it's dissolved salt so the tires will stick to the slanted drive. I want warmer temps and a little rain to wash it away, I'm tired of vacuuming up salt from the living room carpet.

Ooh, I do love a good rant. Actually I'm feeling fairly cheerful today. How're you?

March 1--Eugene Atget, Shop Front of Courone D'Or, Quai Bourbon.


Coal dust left its mark
greasy and black
on glass
grit underfoot
post-war France
grinds toward WWII
ignoring the rumbles
from Germany
thinking "the war
to end all wars" had
come and gone.

Enjoy your sunny day! I'm off to errand with Durwood and lunch at the Kwik Trip grand opening. We really know how to live.

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