Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back To The Grind

I had my day off yesterday. Now I get to go back and work for three straight days. Oh... I'm such a wuss pants. I seem to have lost the knack of goofing off. Maybe because Durwood's here "watching" me all the time, not watching in the hall monitor sense of the word, but there are still times when I just can't quite relax. I know, he's been retired for a couple years, so okay, I'm a slow learner. Rev up the short bus, I'm climbing on!

March 2--James D'Aquisto, Mandolin. Sal's fingers flew over the nearly invisible steel strings. His black hair hung over his forehead and his eyes were closed. Julietta's eyes were wide open. She felt as if she were outside the torrent of notes flowing from Sal's fingers through the mandolin. His music didn't make her itch to dance like it did the others. When he played she sat where she could watch him, watch the way his every muscle worked to produce the notes. Between songs his eyes would sparkle with laughter and his body relaxed. he joked with the other musicians and teased the children gathered to watch them. He wiped the w=sweat from his face with a bandanna and drank down some red wine. A few times a night his gaze would find hers and he would smile at her. It was almost enough.

Time to go keep the world safe from scuba diving! Have a good day.

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