Thursday, March 10, 2011


Off and on, but still... sunshine! So much better than dreary and gray. So much. Sunny days make me want to do things, get up and walk or bike or, in extreme cases, clean. But since menopause came to stay I don't get that monthly urge to nest/clean much. I get it but not as often and not as intensely, which I'm sure is way too much info. Sorry. Sometimes that little voice in my head starts up and blurts out my fingertips without going through any filters. I'm looking forward to the program at the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild tonight. They've invited a physical therapist to come and teach us how to keep from giving ourselves aches and pains when knitting. Should be interesting. It'll also be my first meeting as Member-at-Large on the Board. I don't even know if I have duties, Terri just asked me on Tuesday when she saw me at the yarn shop, but I think I'm just a representative of the groundlings, maybe I'm the voice of reason. No, that can't be it.

March 9--France, Reliquary Statuette of St. Christopher. There's this island in the eastern Caribbean called St. Kitts. Its official name is St. Christopher but nobody calls it that anymore. I don't think St. Christopher is even on the postage stamps. It's a little British island, kind of stuffy and self-important but with that air of Caribbean warmth just under the surface. We did our first real ocean dive off St. Kitts nearly 20 years ago. That was the most amazing experience. I rolled off the boat and opened my eyes in a swirl of silver bubbles that fizzed around me and then cleared to reveal what looked like an enormous aquarium filled with sea fans and sponges and fish of every color.

I'm working to get back closer to the straight and narrow exercising and eating right so if I'm cranky for a while please just bear with me. I've been being lazy.

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