Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I usually don't swear, well, maybe a random "$hit" or "dammit" every now and again, but mostly I don't. Yesterday after work I was taking the back-est seats out of Durwood's van and I turned but part of my knee didn't. Ouch. Ouchouchouchouchouch. I immediately pulled on an elastic support and rubbed in some Biofreeze which helped but wasn't a miracle cure. It woke me up around 6 this morning and I'm icing it, the compression support is back on and I had it elevated for a while but that sent shooting cramps up my thigh. Good thing it's quiet at work and there are ice packs in the freezer and I've got Aleve in my purse. Stupid knee. Stubborn Barbara. No cute shoes for me on Saturday, I guess.

March 29--China, Altarpiece Dedicated to Buddha Maitreya. The incense smoke was thick in the little temple tucked between a butcher shop and a tailor. Chinatown was Laurel's favorite place to roam whenever she was in San Francisco. She let her nose lead her around. The spices excited her and made her wish she could cook with each one. She loved the piles of oranges outside every market. Half of them ended up as offerings in one of the temples that provided a place for sending a prayer to heaven on every block. The bronze altarpiece in this particular temple was small but ornate. She stood off to the side her hands crossed in front of her and just absorbed the peace of the small room. It was a busy place, housewives and businessmen jostled as they came in, said a quick prayer, and left to continue on their way. The incense smoke wafted like ghost shreds through the shafts of sunlight filtering through the carved windows. She glanced behind the altar to see a pale hand lying on the dusty wooden floor.

Sorry to leave you hanging but my knee started hurting and I had to shift positions. Today's motto: Don't be Stubborn! Ask For Help!

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