Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Knitting Like a Mad Fool

I can't quit. I love this stuff. I'm crazed with the tiny preemie hats in bright yarns. This yarn color's called Parrot. Thanks, too, to Zoe for teaching me the Magic Loop method of knitting. I bought a 29" circ for the baby hats and it's working like a dream. I love DPNs but they're hard to knit tiny things on, there's too much needle hanging out to tangle with the yarn and rest of the needles.

The Neck Cozy yarns are so soft and luscious that I hate to put them down. I started knitting with just the peacock Misti Alpaca but you couldn't see the slipped stitches (they're the slanted ones) very well, so I dug around downstairs and came up with a skein of Red Heart Heart & Sole in Mellow Stripe that I'm carrying along. It's making all the difference in the world.

I'm waiting until the size 3-29" circular needle I ordered comes to finish the baby ogre hat, or maybe I'll pick it up after supper to see if I can finish it for the Knitting Guild meeting on Thursday night.

Oh, speaking of Bay Lakes Knitting Guild, Dusty and I went to Monterey Yarns after her eye doctor appointment and the president of the guild was there. She came up and asked me to be the "member-at-large" on the board. I said "sure" but I had my teeth gritted and I'm sure she could tell I was just too polite to say no. Now I have to be at the meetings at 5:30 instead of 7:00; I don't really mind that part but I swore (to myself) that I wasn't going to get involved with running the Guild. I tend to open my yap and have opinions and people ask me to do stuff and I'm not smart enough or have enough backbone to decline. Damn it.

Dusty and I found a geocache on the way back to her house. (We tried to find it earlier this winter but were led astray by her GPS.) She was looking behind a traffic barrier while I checked around a fire hydrant. The neighbor was pulling out of his driveway by her and told her where to look. It wasn't exactly where he said it was but we found it! Woohoo! We forgot to take a picture too, dang it.

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