Monday, April 1, 2013

This Is My Last Blog Entry...

April Fool!  Hah, I got you, didn't I?  Didn't I?  Tell me you were fooled, even just for a nano-second.  Oh, all right, it was a cheap shot.  I'm sorry I made you clutch at your chest and made tears well up in your eyes.  That didn't happen either?  Well, crap.  You're too smart for me.

We had a grand day yesterday in Shawano, a delicious feast in a pretty setting with great company and Porter.  The deviled eggs had smoked salmon and dill in the filling and were topped with tiny diced pickled beets and there was some lovely Gouda to put on crackers to have with our mimosas.  For lunch we had ham, scalloped potatoes (none of those box kind either, real ones with NO butter [heh, yeah, right, it was a holiday, we splurged]), fresh green beans, baby carrots, rolls and soda bread, with bunny banana cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.  This time I got to help clear.  Finally.  Must mean we're getting to be real family.  Yay!

This morning I glanced out the patio doors to see the wispy clouds tinted pink by the sunrise.  It made me smile at 7 AM on a Monday morning.  I hope it makes you smile too.  And suddenly I hear birds outside not just snowplows.  Bird song!  Springtime!  I really need to salt the patio before I go to work, it's treacherously icy for feeder filling and birdbath topping up.  Scary slippery.

I need to call our tax attorney guy this morning.  See, I want to apply for Social Security, since I'm 61 1/2 as of March 1, but Durwood's afraid if I start getting it at whatever the percentage of the whole is for me now I'll only get that percentage of his when he kicks the bucket.  Our broker didn't know, maybe the lawyer will, if not it's off to the SS office for us, maybe after we vote tomorrow, because I want to use part of it to pay down the mortgage and save the rest.  Saving's a fairly new concept for me.  I take after Mom, I think about spending first and that kind of drives Durwood crazy.  No, not kinda, it really drives him nuts, but we need to have the backyard regraded so the runoff quits running to the foundation and into the window wells and we need $$ for that.  And we need money to pay for going to North & South Carolina in October.  So I need to start getting those checks.  Do they start before your birthday?  I have lots of questions.

April 1--La Maison Martine, Textile.  Gina shaded her eyes with her hand.  "I'm not taking any more of those pills.  They're making my eyes funny."  Dave looked at her across the desk.  "What pills?"  "Oh, I've been having bad headaches so the doctor prescribed some stronger pain killer."  She shook her head.  "I've been taking them for a couple weeks and they seemed to be helping but today they're making my eyes funny."  He frowned as if she wasn't making sense.  "What do you mean they make your eyes funny?  They look okay to me."  "Not how they look from the outside looking in, you goofball, how they look from the inside looking out."  She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye.  "They're making your shirt look like it has pulsating orange and purple blobs, flowers maybe, with green leaves.  Very crazy.  It's making my head ache even more."  Dave smoothed the front of his shirt with both hands.  "It may not be the pills. That's how my shirt really looks."  He looked sad. "It's new.  D'you think it's too busy?"

Okay, I'm off to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving--and get my paycheck.  Paycheck, yay!


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Aunt B said...

Oh you scamp!!! You actually did fool me! Your Easter dinner looked delicious -- and the menu was almost exactly what we had at Mark and Sallie's! Tradition was served!